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Now you can express yourself in the city, one legging at a time!  HOTRODDS Earth Tights  are all hand painted or drawn designs derived from nature.  We are all about confidence!

HOTRODDS hand designed leggings are suitable for any occasion.

Yoga Athleisure leggings are great as yoga leggings, running leggings, social leggings, casual leggings, and fashion leggings. HOTRODDS give you permission to express yourself everyday, anywhere! You can take your HOTRODDS into the Yoga Studio, onto the running track, out dancing with friends. Throw on a pair of sneakers and a nice t-shirt, or linen blouse and go down to the cafe with friends.Founder - artist, entrepreneur, life coach and yoga teacher - Jen Rodd is passionate about self expression and self belief. Showing off your individuality, inner confidence - having fun is what Jen seeks to inspire!  Combining her LOVE for yoga, design and colour - she brings to you a unique, one of a kind print on every legging. HOTRODDS inspire confidence in the Yoga studio, out jogging in the streets, shopping at the market, training at the sports school, dancing the night away, or even alone lounging on the sofa! What's your mood today? let your HOTRODDS help you decide!❤︎#yogaleggings #sportsleggings #leggings #gymclothes #yogaclothes #skintights # Runningpants #Skipants #Yogapants 


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