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HOTRODDS Eco Yoga Pants


Repreve Tag for our eco recycled plastic bottle leggings range

Jen Rodd, the creative mind behind HOTRODDS, is passionate about empowering women and protecting the planet. With hotRodds ECO, she sought to create a line of leggings that aligns with these core values. Each design is carefully crafted by Jen herself, and she partners with like-minded women to bring her creations to life. Our leggings are not only functional and comfortable, but also made with eco-friendly Repreve materials to reduce our environmental impact.


Our brand's philosophy is not only about sustainability, but about comfort, and style. We believe that fashion can be both fun and eco-friendly at the same time, which is why we offer a range of skin-tight clothing that is made from sustainable materials.

Our signature prints and designs are bold, yet tasteful, and offer a unique look that you won't find anywhere else. Whether you are an active individual or just want to wear something comfortable and trendy, hotRodds  have got you covered. 

Our ECO clothing collection is not only gorgeous to look at but feels amazing on your skin. SOON you can Shop our collection to experience sustainable fashion at its finest!

Join us on our mission to make fashion more sustainable and empowering.


- Super Comfortable and cozy for the whole day if you wish.
- Low Impact Support / Elastic free
- Minimal seams
- Sustainably sourced from recycled plastic
- Flattering fit on all body types
- 80% Recycled Poly, 12% Spun Poly, 8% Spandex or 79% PET & 21% Elastane. 

The Feeling - is just generally so comfortable  - non irritating or itching. 

- Provide a 360°way stretch / four way stretch

Prints are one of a kind, designed by hand

Repreve Recycled Fabric

Keeping plastic bottles out of our oceans.

REPREVE® Our Ocean™ is a premium collection of fibre and resin sourced from bottles at high risk of entering the ocean.

Protect our beautiful oceans
repreve eco friendly yoga leggings
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